AT. Digital Datalink (DDL) 


Portable & Powerful

The new Long Range Antenna Tracker - a portable antenna system that is designed to deliver high bandwidth throughput at long ranges to keep aircraft in constant communication with ground crews.

20 – 100km
360° rotation
(with <1° point accuracy)
(Simultaneous, bi-directional)
data rates
Self-calibratingHD Output

Automatic Self-Calibration

Designed from the ground up for the BVLOS market, the Long Range Antenna Tracker, not only extends the communication range for commercial drones from 20km to a 100km, but also improves the usability of long-range drones in the hands of end users. The high-gain self-calibrating antenna tracker system enables 360° degree coverage with less than 10 point accuracy for for complex data intensive applications that ensures fast, secure simultaneous ethernet and serial based data communication to provide reliable, widened communications enabling long-range command and control between the antenna and the UAV. This includes Data Acquisition, Real Time Video Display and Mission Planning, allowing the user to collect data from both analogue and digital sensors that enables on-the-move communications needed for any tactical system, commercial application, airborne platform, or ground vehicle. Ruggedized for use in harsh environments, quick-to-deploy in the field, or to be operated in a command centre for surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions


• DATA Rates > 25Mbps • Software Selectable> 900MHz, 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz
• Simultaneous IP and Serial Data transmission
• RS232 serial (TTL) protocol (Mavlink capable)
• Dual ethernet Ports (Lan/Wan)
• 1W and 8W RF power outputs
• HD output enabling connection to HDMI-compatible displays
• 128 bit AES Encryption (256 bit with export license)
• Minimal noise-footprint
• High bandwidth connectivity to manned and unmanned aircraft at distances up to 150km
• Reliable signal strength and GPS aligned data-links
• Real time monitoring of signal and data quality.
• Self-signal healing datalink trait
• Easy to deploy, compact, rugged 
• 360° continuous rotation
• Self-Calibrating
• Black box for telemetry data recording
• Software Compatibles Mavlink: Mission planner, QGroundControl and many more
• IP67 Rating: aluminium enclosure.

An easy to assemble Ground-to-Air antenna system takes one person under 2 minutes to set up. The Antenna Tracker System automatically recalibrates and accurately tracks the location of a mobile UAV, even from a mobile Ground Control Station with no manual intervention and maximum precision.

Long Range & High Throughput

  • High bandwidth connectivity to manned and unmanned aircraft at distances up to 150km
  • DATA Rates > 25Mbps
  • MIMO technology for high bandwidth connectivity and reliability
  • 360° continuous rotation & <1° pointing accuracy for optimal, bidirectional communication
  • 1W and 8W RF power outputs
  • Dual ethernet Ports (Lan/Wan)

HD Video streaming

  • Stream HD Video & IP Data from aircraft over long distances
  • Meet growing data exfiltration requirements
  • Fully integrated H.264 HD video encoding/decoding
  • Connect video cameras directly to the unit
  • View multiple video streams simultaneously
  • HD output enabling connection to HDMI-compatible displays
  • Stream video and voice simultaneously

Multiple Antenna Feeds

The Auto-Tracking Antenna System includes the various options of MIMO feeds. These feeds cover all of the frequency bands over which Long Range Antenna Tracker System’s Modules operate.

The feeds can be quickly installed for Horizontal / Vertical Polarization to match the antenna configuration on the air platform.


Power From GCS (Ground Control System)
Voltage100 – 240 VAC
4s – 6s or, 18V – 50V
Bands4GL, 5824GHz, 2550GHz, 2450GHz, 1800GHz, 900MHz
Pan Range 360-degree, continuous rotation
Tilt Range0 to 90 degrees
Antenna height1.5 m
Antenna Weight(5 kg standard, up to 20 kg with reduces tracking speed)
PolarisationDual polarized
Vertical/ Horizontal polarization
MIMO system
Operating temperature-150 to +550 C
CalibrationBuilt in Compass Calibration for Heading
EnvironmentalIP65 rated
Pointing Accuracy<10
Set up time2 minutes / 1 person
Option 1: Antenna Gain Long
Range - 20km (est)
2.4Ghz – 5,8Ghz (1W)
15dBi; 18deg beam width
Option 2: Antenna Gain Very
Long Range - 50km (est) 
2.4Ghz – 5,8Ghz (+8W)
25dBi; 9deg beam width
Option 3: Antenna Gain Ultra
Long Range - 100km (est)
900Mhz (+8W) 15dBi;
8.4deg – 3.3deg beam width

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Antenna Trackers are systems that track your vehicle’s location, and use this information to correctly align a directional antenna. This approach significantly improves the range over which signals can be both sent and received from the ground station.